Movement Disorders in Asia - Past to Present: Genetic Aspects

วันที่ 19 ตุลาคม 2564

          We would like to invite you to join the online course "Movement Disorders in Asia - Past to Present: Genetic Aspects" to be held on 5th-6th Nov 2021. In this course, you will learn how neurologists in the past discovered new disorders and how they uncovered their genes/pathophysiology. 
Many of the speakers were involved in discovering those disorders themselves! We're sure everyone will benefit from the course. 
Apart from that, you will also learn about some genetic disorders more commonly seen in Asia.

Please register for the course and encourage your colleagues and juniors to register and attend as well. Please feel free to forward the materials to all your contacts.

It is going to be a very fruitful webinar !!!

Priya Jagota & Shinsuke Fujioka

QR Code for Registration here:

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